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Tuesday, November 5th 2002 5:29pm

Wang is my hero! Please, if anybody has any information regarding the big "wang" seen yesterday on the east loop in Lubbock, TX, please let me know. I'll accept additional sightings as well!

Who is this mysterious "Wang"? Is it an Asian fellow, or is it simply a reference to some schlong? The question must be answered!

Elmo will talk to you soon.

[no subject]
Thursday, October 31st 2002 1:06am

My setup is so crappy. The ilab/noisybox setup is so cheap, it's sad. I waste more time dicking with stuff that I really shouldn't have to...

So I discovered that when I clicked on a link to a largeish image on my website, my machine would reboot. Ok, let me state that again for emphasis -- I could click on a link in my web browser and cause my server to reboot. Remotely. Reliably. Yeah, very bad indeed....

I couldn't recreate the problem from outside my network, so I started poking around some more. Swapped the 100Mb NIC with an old 10Mb one. No more problem. I suspect that my POS server just couldn't handle sending data that fast, now that I'm running on a 100Mbps switch. So horrible...but hopefully a little better uptime can be expected.

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Sunday, October 27th 2002 8:41am

Well, my server apparently still likes to reboot itself...even after I replaced the power supply fan (that I suspected was causing the reboots). Blah.

So I suppose I'll return that Maxtor IDE controller and start saving for a new system. Oh fun.

[no subject]
Tuesday, October 22nd 2002 6:26pm had some minor outages in the last few days while some network schtuff was being done and a new power supply fan was being installed (no thanks to the cacs at Rat Shed)...

More later...

[no subject]
Sunday, October 20th 2002 9:46am

Oops! I acidentally bought a Belkin 8 port 10/100 switch. That's cool.

I also bought a Maxtor Ultra ATA IDE controller, but I really have no idea yet if it will work in my Linux box. Cross your fingers. Perhaps I'll get my machines rebuilt yet...

[no subject]
Friday, October 11th 2002 9:26pm

Ok, I haven't really said anything in a long I suppose (again) that this is my futile attempt at babble babbel babel (ala the 27 significant tr00ths): 1) finally gets it. my hero. 2) ??? 3) MAME is just about the best thing around. Buy me a cabinet already. 4) I live here, and I still haven't been to ground kontrol. maybe tomorrow. 5) Meg Lee Chin photos are up 6) The -C operator in perl will tell you when a file's inode was last changed. Duh. 7) Let's hope these things are better than the shit I'm currently using... 8) Tho the two are not entirely related, you should hire alphafight and go install qnx 9) The Doors + Bauhaus + The Cramps + Jesus and Mary Chain = Spacemen 3 10) FileZilla cures all your Windows FTP client needs. period. 11) If I had access to anything physically connected to hotmail, I would pee on it. 12) Dammit, I deserve it 13) WinPicProg is free, while the p16pro thingy is $$$...let's hope it works when I try it. 14) SuperPiMP is truly pimp. 15) You can get lost reading World Power Systems. Ok, maybe you can't, but I did... 27) At least one person in the world will never forget EBN (think 'television, the drug of a nation...') and you should definitely check out gnn if you don't already go there every single goddamn day, and PLEASE somebody please tell me where my favorite site went before I cry...I spent forever looking for it....

[no subject]
Monday, September 30th 2002 12:17am

"The time is zero seventeen and thirteen seconds"

PicMeme version 1.0 has been released to the general public. View the official announcement here. Enjoy.