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If you stopped by looking for pics from the Portland Noise Festival, they're posted over here: Portland NoiseFest 2004 pictures.

The noise festival was amazing. Let me repeat that for emphasis: The Portland 2004 Noise Festival was amazing. Evil sick perfection. Very huge props to the organizers and promoters. In fact, the show beat my every expectation. I have to admit, I had pretty minimal (pessimistic) expecatations going in, but things were so great that I was forced to return on Saturday...and I don't regret it for a second.

There were so many phenomenal performances, but my memory keeps focusing on the Sleeping With the Earth set. Holy shit. Wow.

Kudos again to everybody who put forth the time, energy, and money to make that thing happen. It was certainly a defining moment in my short existence.

So yeah, on a less serious note, this is one of the most fucking awesome things I have ever seen in my life. Listen or die: Devastatin' Dave. It's like an 80s version of Super Greg. Or something.

Dinosaurs or aliens?
Saturday, February 21st 2004 6:02pm

If you're having trouble getting your Canon PowerShot SD10 working in Linux, I might suggest trying the gphoto2 stuff, and letting it show up as a Canon Digital can't mount it via USB mass storage, so don't expect to.

The ScareBear is finally online. I completed that thing a while back, but only recently got around to finishing the [weak] little page for it.

Coachella. Nuff said. My brother kicks balls!!!

Well ok, I've managed to delay any kind of posting (at least to my own [we]blog) for a month...I suppose I'm overdue. I've been diligently ignoring pop culture and celebrity nipple fiascos and worked during the Superbowl. In fact, I've been working a lot.

But I took some time early this morning to add Yahoo Buzz index items (via their wonderfully convenient RSS feeds) to the LED sign. Neet. I guess I can scratch something off the project list anyway.

Other than bookoos of work and occasionally doing something to my house, I really haven't been able to do much in the way of projects. It's kinda disconcerting.

The time I now spend commuting seems to be eating up a big chunk of my free time. I did, however, come to realize that the Internet Archive has a pretty damn decent audio section. Good stuff can be found. Also, the PLA has a pretty great audio stream. Heh.

Oh yeah, and I upgraded to the 2.6 kernel, just like a true geek.

We've got tickets to a Merce Cunningham production next week. Should be a good time.

Welcome to 2004, better known as y2k4.
Wednesday, January 7th 2004 12:01pm

"And I don't know how a man decides what's right for his own life it's all a mystery..."

So we're really in the middle of an ice storm of sorts (not exactly like that other ice storm). There's like 1-2 feet of drifted powder snow on the ground, covered by a blanket of maybe 3/4" thick ice. The sun is starting to peek out, and the snow and rain has stopped, but they're not very sure if the temperatures are going to be warm enough to melt it away before tormorrow morning.

So today's the second day in a row I've worked from home. Irony?

I had a strange dream the other night, based around a fictional Flaming Lips song. It was very moving, surreal stuff...but you don't get details here.

It's a quick like quickie, Feliz.
Wednesday, December 24th 2003 4:52pm

So, for many (defined as 0 < many < 120) months now I've been thinking about something related to sound. And music. Or noise. And I remember when I downloaded Negativland's U2 (which, for the novice, you simply could not find because of the BANNED status) in .au format on a Sun workstation and my headphones roared in 1992...but then it's like a car crash and all the skidding and smoking tires and broken glass led me right smack dab into Epitonic. Shit!

If you happen to have $16,000 laying around and you really want to impress me this CHRISTmas season, how about mindfucking me with this bad-boy or my aboslute all-time dream car? That's right...the same seller. Yowza. I'd be broke if I was rich. I'd be funny and ironic if I wasn't so serious.

Seriously, though, I think I'm in the market for a califone or maybe a true black vintage fone.

I'm gonna burn in hell. Tis the season to be greedy.

The Bird Man of Alcatraz versus FPI/UNICOR.
Monday, December 15th 2003 8:19am

So mostly, life's been pretty good I suppose.

The last day of my 9-year stint with OSC is on Tuesday, and I start my new job on Wednesday. "No break for me!" It's strange, but I'm actually pretty nervous about being the new guy [again]. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house more, though, and I'm very excited about working for such a modern, forward-looking company. Yes, sure, it's a weird time to change jobs...but it just feels right. The downside is going to be remembering a grip of new names, wearing clothes that I would never wear otherwise, commuting, and managing parking and lunches...but overall, this is a good move for me. I'm ready to go forward.

And now is the part of our program where I link whore:

Lots of lengthy and interesting information about FPI/Unicor can be found here (and continued on for several linked pages here). Just in case you were interested.

EM411 is a pretty decent little electro-music co-op site where people spin virtual knobs on laptops.

One thing they didn't teach you in art school is that Joseph Beuys made a 7" and accompanying video in the 1980s. Crappy and beautiful in its catchiness.

Note the new linkpile items for r4nd and wolf eyes.

Nullpointer is doing amazing things by cross-breeding an artist's asthetic with source code and gameboys.

These guys have made some crazy good pieces, which I'm pretty sure somehow includes the mind-blowing (WebTV).