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Free software schtuff, movies, noises...
Tuesday, September 7th 2004 10:30pm

Ok, so I've been hacking up some Perl. I can't seem to shake my fondness for the beautiful, and ultimately horrible and sexy thing that is Perl. Today, releases nzbperl, a throttling nzb downloader in Perl. Try it out, if you're geek enough.

Saw Ju-on a few weeks ago. Although I did like it a lot, I kinda hoped it would be more horrifying. It was maybe a little repetitious.

Also saw the director's cut of Donnie Darko the other day. It contains TONS of crazy new footage, and overall (IMHO) does a better job of explaining the whole mythos...but I'm still bitter at the fact that they stomped over the Echo and the Bunnymen for some goddamn INXS. I have to wonder why the fuck somebody let that happen.

I'm working on a short (15-20 minute) one-take track called "Piece for Walking". Hope to have it up in the art section before long.


Wow, how the time flies as you age...
Thursday, August 19th 2004 10:55pm

I bothered to put up a page for my reverse dependency package checker script for Debian. Sure, it's stupid simple, but hell, maybe somebody will find it useful.

And I went to see Alien vs. Predator tonight. Overall, a minor disappointment, but still a good flick.

First, the goddamn fucking thing could have used some more fucking profanity and a shit fucking cock sucking R rating. PG-13 my ass. I suspect that, at least in a few noticeable scenes, things were either force-cut, or the directors or effects guys really held back...just for ratings sake. Sheesh. The taming of this film to provide access to a larger audience (think "Hey guys, our market research shows that the majority of theater money is made from pre/teens, and we project we can make $xx.yy if we smooth this down to a Britney-friendly PG13...") was probably my main complaint...

But really, it wasn't horrible. In fact, as usual, I'm being overly critical.

Aside from the rating, the first half was basically a "Hey, the action film audience is stupid, we have to spell things out..." while doing mediocre character development. Yes, we fell in love with Ripley, then with Dutch, but nobody in this film came close. Even though I quite like Henriksen and his acting is always great, his character just didn't deliver (yeah, I blame the writing).

The shots of the Alien queen, however, were brilliant. Probably the best (IMHO) of any Alien film, and I think the movie matched the mythos from both movies really, really well.

It's worth seeing, tho I'd probably recommend matinee. I guess what probably pisses me off is the great potential that this concept had. I wanted, no, seriously, really fucking WANTED this film to be great. I mean, who didn't want to see this after the end of Predator 2? Instead, years later, Hollywood continues to bastardize great ideas for money, and so I have to give it a generous 5/10.

When did I become such a film critic? High school. :)

Create creation. Make to consume.
Sunday, August 1st 2004 12:14am

And so I give to you, Infiltration Lab's new album, The Burden.

The solitude over the weekend was strange, but frankly quite nice. I had a chance to do quite a bit of recording and I consider the new album nearly finished (although there's still much work remaining). Even already, I'm much more satisfied with this one over the last one.

I also took a trek out to Oregon City and took a bunch of photos that have relevance to my childhood. It's strange to visit a place with so much [personal] history....especially when it's been a few years. I can't even imagine Roseville anymore.

Apparently Stacy missed her flight out of Vegas (overslept? Hmmmm :)) and will be returning tomorrow. On a similar note, this dog is driving me crazy.

For now, though, I'm sitting in the backyard, piggybackin on some wireless on the corporate laptop, watching the grass grow....muthafuckin literally.

I think it's only fair. If some of those robot guys are allowed to call their constructions "semiautonomous", then sound/noise/art geeks should be able to use the term "semigenerative".

This one time, I had a German professor who was fond of saying "kick it".

Please note that Google returns about 10,600 hits for "semiautonomous", but only a mere 3 hits for "semigenerative".. The hyphenated and quoted "semi-generative" still only returns 104 short hits...but at least one of them is Nullpointer, who does some mad sick work with pd and quake and the like...

The ideas and the bits run rampant as the noisybox recording session has begun.

As such, I'll be online in a limited capacity for the next few days. On top of that, kopete decided that it doesn't want to log into ICQ anymore, so until that's fixed I'll only have limited (AIM) IM capabilities.

pd, ardour, alsa, jack, virmidi, amsynth, and various physical items to boot. Demolition ensues.

The intarnert is speeedy.
Tuesday, July 6th 2004 8:55pm

Something I forgot to mention...on the 28th of June, the noisybox site got a pretty big speed boost. I found out that I could get a better DSL package for less cost. Instead of peaking out at 640/640 (as I was previously), I'm now up to a solid 1.5M/896k. I think it's quite the improvement...and I think it's quite noticeable.

That's all.

Just thought I'd let you know. don't care. :)