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Langsam: perl hacking and online music
Wednesday, July 6th 2005 11:50pm

Saw Damien on the 3rd, and that was awesome since it's been so long. Very odd (not him, just the experience).

Continued hacking features and bug fixes into nzbperl. Maybe I'm in the pessimistic zone, but it'll probably be outmoded around the time I "finish" it (as always).

Summer sucks. It's finally hot and annoying and depressing.

Also, I stumbled upon this great Mount Eerie (aka The Microphones) release on You should give it a try.

(that's the part of the commercial they don't play). When Shirley and Spinoza and Otis Fodder team up (as is happening right now, live on netradio), wonderful things happen. Thanks people, great stuff. Stacy and I and the dogs went camping this weekend about 2 hours away. Lots of good times hiking through the forest and along the river. Scout finally got to spend some time off leash and totally enjoyed splashing around in the water. Last week, I swapped out the amp chip in that Behringer amp and hooked up the old Infinity speakers in series and sure enough, the amp now works nicely! I should probably break down and buy a replacement speaker for it any case, it's nice to have some volume, and some of the effects are kinda interesting. I also completed all the remaining assembly for the ghetto drum pads I've been putting off for many months, but it looks like one of the pads got shorted or has a bad solder joint, so I just need to fix that one and it's done.

nzbperl released, other project status
Monday, June 20th 2005 11:40pm

So I released the next version of nzbperl tonite. Pretty happy with it overall...we'll have to wait and see how the users receive it.

I got the replacement part for the Behringer amp, but I still haven't really had a chance to swap it no telling if it will work. The night was just too right tonight, couldn't waste it in front of the iron. Stacy and I busted out the new mini grill and ate out back to enjoy the nice least until the mosquitos kicked in.

I finished soldering/gluing the ghetto drum pads yesterday, and it's quite nice to have it done, but it looks like I have a bad connection on 1 of the 8 pads, so I guess I'll rework it.

We lost Lucy yesterday. :(

At times, the process is the project.
Monday, June 13th 2005 10:36pm

Stacy and I took the dogs down to the river on Saturday to walk along the esplanade and get drenched in the downpour. It was a blast, and the retriever, of course, just loved it (and the chi was more comfortable stuffed in a backpack). The Rose festival stuff was going on across the water, and we saw a rescue helicopter showing off some of its stuff. <Sailor jokes omitted>

Also this weekend, I proved that nzbperl can run in Cygwin, which I suppose is pretty cool (even if the getch() handling doesn't work exactly right). I need to release the new version, but I'd like to hack in an external (socket or file?) interface first. Perhaps I'll save it for the next go around...I think it's stable enough.

I also started hacking on the busted Blue Devil amp that Dustin gave me a while back. I tried a new fuse, and it still blew. I isolated the transformer, and it's good, so I then disconnected all outgoing connections from the power supply board and it still insisted on blowing I think I've got it narrowed down to the supply. I ordered a replacement power amp from Jameco and will see if that clears things up. If it doesn't, I may just scrap the whole thing and use it as a project box...but I kinda hate to let it go so easily.

So now I'm doing a little housekeeping on the desktop and trying to clear up some space (the album is going to require it). I think I'll also try and finish the remaining 4 pads for the ghetto drum within a week.

"Can you, you know, maybe put the whammy on I don't even know who the current president is?"

Anyway. Sorry for the lag. Things been busy in these parts I guess. In the meantime, I grew a beard and then later shaved it off.

Shows shows shows since the last entry. PDX noise fest 2005, Wolf Eyes, Angels of Light, Pigface, and even 2 Pixies shows in the same night.

I released the cāniah page tonight, and thought I should mention it, so go check it out. There's also another improved nzbperl around the corner (soon, but honestly, who knows when).

Sweet jesus!
Thursday, March 10th 2005 11:48pm

Holy shit.

Normally I'd say something clever here, but I've watched this 3 times in a row and I'm still completely fucking speechless: Baby Got Book

Finally, the internet journey for the best worst thing ever has come to a close. ;) We can all turn off the computers and sleep soundly now.

LED sign links
Tuesday, March 1st 2005 10:10pm

I stumbled upon an old email related to this usenet post and got a bit nostalgic about my LED sign and its roots. I ended up googling a while and actually discovered some other people that have done similar things:

Todd cracked the checksum (or something) on his sign's firmware Josh Burley has a freshmeat project about his sign software hacks. devito-p has a tripod (yuk!) page and links related to the signs.

Maybe Silent Radio isn't really dead and maybe it lives on? There are listings for "Silent Radio" in southern CA and at least one Mike Levin in CA. There are apparently still companies that are selling SilentRadio signs, although they look newer (ie. multi lines, multi colors). The real question, though, is what happened to Mike Levin? Why do I even care? Is it related to that cryptic message that Julian sent me in 1999? Maybe I've somehow inappropriately romanticized the whole situation? Maybe the human side of the story is ultimately more interesting than the technology...