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Just wanted to share some great free stuff I've been listing too...and you can too by using the nice little playlist I made just for you (your media player can handle simple m3u files, right?). Some great amazing stuff out there.

Also, I wanted to link to the great story linked from Boing Boing via Fark about Elmo asking children if they want to die. Wonderfully stuff. Although it sounds like a genuine bug/defect to me, I secretly hope it's a technical prankster, along the lines of the Barbie Liberation Organization.

I suppose I'll make a few mentions of project stuff, instead of just linking to links to links as is the blog craze right now.

I released a new nzbperl over the vacation. Nothing groundbreaking, but wrapping up some loose ends before moving on to the next major change set. I'm also finishing up a Debian install/configure on an old laptop. My goal is to remount the thing inside a great little briefcase I bought at a garage sale and add various support technologies that can facilitate noisemaking. Once I start taking the hardware apart (after some addition a configs and getting a [new] sound card for the thing), I should get a project page up.

Just some quickie notes...
Sunday, November 6th 2005 1:02pm

Some semi random notes from recent goings on.

First, there's now a release page for the liar's rail field recording I did recently.

Next, I wanted to mention that I finally got rt limits with low latency working with PAM. Somebody is hosting patched debs (required!) for Debian unstable...and they work great. One caveat though -- if you're going to make PAM changes you must log back in for it to take effect (took me a while to figure that one out). In any case, jackd via qjackctl works beautifully now (again) with low latency and zero xruns and no realtime lsm module to load.

Finally, if you happen to have a Zoom X6 DSL modem and make changes through the CLI interface, there is a way to save to flash. I poked around and couldn't find it in the docs or the help and even asked Zoom tech support (yeah, they sure didn't know). The command to save to flash is: "system config save". Sounds simple enough, but it took me a long time to hunt it down.

My Actiontec modem decided to take a huge dump and stop performing ethernet negotiation correctly. Wonderful. Took hours of troubleshooting, and ultimately had to wait until this morning to be resolved (replacement DSL modem acquired and installed).

From what I can tell, all noisybox services (notably www and email) were unavailable during the outage. That sucks, sorry.

I'll maybe give a short review of this product when I return (from Vegas, yes again).

Just recently, I spent a day in Vegas, a day in L.A., and a few days in San Diego with my old compadre Herr Downtime der Arschwischer.

Outside the airport, I found this wonderful cassette tape and decided to take it with me...even though I now understand that there could have been some terrorists hiding inside (thanks Stac! :)).

Anyway, enjoy the aging samples and help prevent them from fading into oblivion.

Is it possible that we've already climaxed as a civilization? I suspect we're in trouble...fighting a war on [at least] 3 fronts: Energy/Environment, Iraq, and now Katrina recovery. Sure, it could be a lot worse, but I don't exactly have a lot of confidence in the current administration to pull us out of all this. So glum.

So on a different note, I played an annual round of golf with the company people. It was completely enjoyable, but not something that I'd really want to do more than once a year or so.

That same night was a fantastic noise show in a basement in SE Portland. Although I had seen most of the performers before, it was a really good time. A similar lineup is playing at Reed on Monday, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it out again.

Last night I soaked up the Found Footage Festival at the Laurelhurst. I can't say enough good things about this! Highly recommended! I suppose I could have done with a bit less of the comedic sketch work of the curators, but it wasn't a big detraction. If it comes to your town or if they end up releasing it on DVD, you should certainly check it out.

And last but not least, I kicked out nzbperl version 0.6.6 today. Pretty rushed, but it's got some things that people need.

the katrina situation
Thursday, September 1st 2005 1:08am

I don't believe that I really had a true feel for the Katrina situation until I was synced up with an irc channel ( #interdictor and #scanner), a few live scanner feeds, and the live webcam feed of the armed bloggers holed up in a secured 27-floor building in New Orleans at 3 or 4am EST. Media fucking overload.

The scanner audio, at least to me, was especially striking. Cops, state troopers, and SWAT teams were having a considerably difficult time sharing information. There was a soldier who was shot in the leg at the superdome, and the shooter perhaps became a corpse. Lots of reports of and queries about police escorted busses (one report of 500 of em) to and from the crises, plenty of 10-21s being readily given on the open airwaves (quite unusual), and talk of entities like "Dragon 6". It's really only in situations like this where you get these unique, surreal, and ultimately frightening OPEN MIC sessions from SWAT teams.

30 hour days! It's the answer!
Monday, August 15th 2005 10:38pm

How come it only really takes me less than 15 minutes to post an entry, but I can never find the time? Something has got to give! Work has been kicking my ass...I need to take some vacation time.

So I went to the noise show on Saturday at Slabtown...great stuff, especially Pulse Emitter and The Future is Dust. You just haven't lived until you've heard a mic being destroyed by a Dremmel...and Pulse Emitter's TV sensor setup was really sick.

Stacy and I also walked the wildlife reserve on Sat and worked on sanding/painting the baseboards in the bedroom. My legs are still sore...I'm so out of shape.

And I'm probably the only person I know who's pretty excited by the recent buzz on the pd-list (see thread called Pure Devil). The prospect of having multiple GUIs laying on top of a PD engine is perhaps a bit frightening, but I really like the idea...could lead to some fun/strange interfaces (like pd isn't strange enough already).