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So well put.
Wednesday, January 15th 2014 1:48am
Tags: feminism, culture, stem, science, future

Humans of Portland
Thursday, December 26th 2013 11:38pm
Tags: pdx, portland, fieldwork
Leslie has been naughty.
Friday, December 20th 2013 10:55pm
Tags: ruby, music, xmas

A random playlist got me wondering what an old favorite listen has been up to.  In the discovery, it revealed this saucy little ditty.  :)  Enjoy!

Broadway Bridge memorial
Tuesday, December 17th 2013 10:21pm
Tags: portland, pdx, bridge, broadway

Seen this morning on the Broadway Bridge.



(presumably a jumper)

Human vision dimensions
Monday, February 21st 2011 11:09pm
Tags: sight vision 16by9

Am I conscious of the fact that I can see wider than higher? Does it bother me that there's more horizontal crap to deal with than vertical crap? If I stop, wherever I am, right now, and try to see wider than taller, does it even make sense to my monkey brain?

Hmmm. Way too complicated probably, but if you can actually get the device to pair and sink it as an audio device, then you can do this:

mplayer -ao alsa:device=bluetooth

and it may or may not require ~/.asoundrc that looks like

pcm.bluetooth {
    type bluetooth

I heard audio at least one time from my headphones via mplayer that least before the batteries ran out.

Open question: Why doesn't it just show up like a normal alsa device? Meh.

Monday, December 6th 2010 11:55pm
Tags: tonight dorkbot dorkbotpdx pdx portland

Tonight I...

  • ...rode a bicycle across two bridges.
  • ...was approached by a man and a woman (both strangers) and was told "we wish to join the cult".
  • ...witnessed a man tapping a plastic pad connected to a tangle of circuits and wires and causing a drum sound to be played.
  • ...saw a pair of multicolor robot eyeballs glowing on a tabletop
  • ...witnessed a middle-aged man covered in a mass of glowing LEDs and EL wire.
  • ...listened to the sound of a cello convolved with the impulse response from a wooden door.
  • ...helped a woman field test a subversive, covert anti-television teddy bear implant prototype.
  • ...watched a slot car adjust its speed in response to a computer's system load average.
  • ...was in good company.