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Thursday, October 4th 2001 9:09am

I've been ignoring my web page way too much. I guess I just haven't been in the mood to post. Perhaps this will change.

My trip to San Diego to see Peter was great! While I was there, toorcon was taking place. We didn't stay for too many talks, but I made sure we got back there to check out freedom was an excellent documentary! We had a wonderful time overall, and it made me hate coming back to Lubbock that much more....bah!

I still have the VTech driving tutor/teacher toy torn apart on my desk. To my surprise, I found several reliable ways to get it into ultra hyper glitch mode...I'm going to take my time on this one though and make sure I'm not overlooking any great bends. I still can't believe I haven't found any decent pitch bends in this motha.

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Tuesday, September 25th 2001 5:57pm

You know how sometimes songs just seem to fit???

"After years of waiting....I'm a reasonable man, get off my case, get off my case. I'm a reasonable man, get off my case, get off my case. I'm a reasonable man, get off my case, get off my case. I'm a reasonable man, get off my case, get off my case, get off my case, get off my case, get off my case, get off my case, get off my case"

Thanks Thom.

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Monday, September 10th 2001 9:02pm

I once had interesting quips to throw in here. There was the story of the old sleeping bird on the wooden fence and tale the exploding squirrel...

...but alas, this page is CRUSHED.

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Sunday, August 26th 2001 11:26pm

Well, I went a week without updating anything on the web page, so I guess it's about time.

I finished work on the lab rat today. I thought I was finished about a week ago, but I actually had to open it back up today to finish the output resistor stuff so it would be line-out compatible.

After I got the line-out stuff working, I took some pics and made some recordings and put up a quick and dirty page for it. Links from the art section. to choose which one to mod next. Shall it be the Elmo Guitar, the VTech Driver, or the Cool Keys guitary thingy? I think I'm gonna do the VTech Driver because the case is nice and big and the circuits inside are relatively complex.

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Sunday, August 19th 2001 1:19am

Well, it's official...Cox@Home (my cable modem provider) sucks. They have finally gone and filtered port 80 in order to prevent people from running personal web servers...which means that if you're reading this you've connected on an alternate port and probably already realize this.

The catalyst for this drastic measure was probably the Code Red virus that still plagues the net and infects windows users who either don't know how to download security patches or didn't even know they were running a web server in the first place.

I completely disagree with @Home's policy here and I think other steps should have been taken. Oh well, the world is full of money-obsessed corporations who don't care about ideals...

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Friday, August 10th 2001 12:03pm

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I finally managed to throw up a new intro/spash page. I also changed the look/feel of the left frame menu. I think these two changes give the site more of a consistent look/feel.

Although I don't have access to Netscape 4.XX, I can almost guarantee that the intro screen won't work. I've only tested it on Mozilla (my primary and favorite browser) and IE5. It's pointless to try and support Netscape 4.XX now, really...upgrade to won't be sorry.

Oh yeah, I also finished the page describing my bent instrument, the morbisceiver. It's categorized in the art section for now.

I think it's now time do to some work on Dustin's stuff before he kills me. :)

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Thursday, August 9th 2001 1:39pm

Fuck Texas Tech football. In fact, mother fuck Texas football in general. Yes, that includes Oklahoma too.

In case you can't tell, I think I've been pushed to the limit in this place of football fanatics. Stacy and I apparently made the mistake of setting our wedding date on the day of the biggest football game this season: Oklahoma vs. Tech on Nov. 17th. Who would have figured that we would need to check a goddamn football season schedule to plan our wedding?!?

Although it's well over 3 months before the big event/game, all the decent hotels in this shithole town are booked full! I just can't believe it. On top of all that, apparently it's considered a special events weekend and they jack up the prices. Just great. I always knew how popular football is in this part of the country, but this just takes the cake.

I did manage to get 6 decent rooms guaranteed. I hope that will suffice.

If you're a football fan and you buy tickets and make fucking travel plans and hotel reservations 5 months in advance for a GAME, you really need to get a life. Unless your son is the quarterback or you yourself used to play for the team, you have got NO GOOD REASON to make football that important. Period. Fuck off.

Ok, I feel a little better...[end of rant]