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Monday, January 21st 2002 9:35pm

Well, we're back from our honeymoon in Breckenridge, CO. We had a blast! It was a relief to get away from Lubbock and see some snow and mountains and do some snowboarding. To understand just what I'm talking about, you should probably stop reading this and go check out the photos section.

It's really hard to come back to this place after being away for so long!

I also got my new monitor. My old 19" crapped out, so I broke down and bought a new Viewsonic. The difference in picture quality is amazing.

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Tuesday, January 15th 2002 12:22am

I gotta keep this short and get some sleep, but I finally managed to pull the xmas pics off my camera (only 3 weeks late!) and throw them up in the photos section. I probably would have waited another 3 weeks if I didn't need the room on the camera this week (honeymoon in Breckenridge! Wheee!!). Enjoy the pics, and expect more when we come back.

Oh yeah, and I changed the links on the photo page to highlight.

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Thursday, January 3rd 2002 11:18pm

I did some more research tonight on the Vtec driver that I'm modding. It turns out the approach I was planning on taking won't work, but I think I have found a good compromise. I think I can do what I want with a single latched SIPO shift register, which should be an off-the-shelf part (I'm not holding my breath for Radio Shack).

I think I'm going to target at least one glitch mode, the PC keyboard interface (with sound interrupt if possible/stable?), a single [pair of?] touch point[s], power jack, power led, envelope led, and if I feel like doing some extra coding a store/repeat/loop mode. I really wish I had a pitch down on this thing, but I don't think I've found one yet....maybe that touch point near the xtal can be used, must look into it some more.

I'm rambling. Sleep time. Nite.

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Monday, December 31st 2001 3:38pm

Well, it's been another long stretch without an update. I guess the holidays have kept me pretty busy. We went to OKC for xmas, saw the cute little kids, exhanged gifts, and had a lot of fun.

I finished building my bro Dustin a "pedal" (if you can actually consider it one) for xmas. I took some pics and made a couple of horrible sound clips that can be found here. Eventually I'll make a real page for it.

John actually made a good point the other day about my need to finish projects that I start. :) I *think* I may try a different approach for the Vtec driver in hopes of finishing it without these special (read: expensive) MAXIM ICs I was planning on using. If I can get the approach working, I should be able to wrap the thing up pretty quickly...

And as always, keep checking back for updates, yo!

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Saturday, December 8th 2001 8:58pm

Oh's been ages since I updated this what the hell have I been up to you ask? Let's see how many links I can cram in here to explain...

Well first I was sick, although I denied it throughout. I think I'm finally over it.

I saw a band called Les Savy Fav at Einsteins here in Lubbock on one of the worst possible driving days (visualize 6 inches of melted snow refreezing and forming sheets of solid ice everywhere). The show was great even though the turnout left something to be desired. If these guys roll into your town, I highly recommend checking them out.

I did some software/hardware work on my PIC PS/2 keyboard controller for the VTech driving toy that I'm modding to hell. The circuit/software can now read/write from/to a PS/2 keyboard, but the project has a lot of work left. Eventually I'll have a page for it in the art section.

On November 30th, I flew to Dallas to see Pigface (from Invisible Records) live at the Canyon Club. The venue was a bit strange, but the show completely amazing!!! It turns out that I saw them 10 years, 1 month, and 1 day after I first saw them in Germany. Oh man, the show was awesome.

After the set was over, we were waiting by the tour buses and Meg Lee Chin poked her head out and asked if anybody had a car to take her to go get soup. My buddy Ev offered and we ended up taking her to a convenience store down the street and through a Jack In The Box drive through for a Monster Taco(tm). She admitted liking Jack In The Box because apparently they don't exist in England (where she currently lives). She was way cool, down to earth, way nicer than I would have pictured her. Meg got us into the Pigface tour bus briefly while she had the rest of the band sign the setlist that I swiped. I hope to get a scan of it up later for you to envy.

We ended back inside (so Chucksta could pay Stan's tab and get the credit card he forgot) and I talked to Martin Atkins briefly and got an autograph. He told me the story of how ohGr got hepatitis B 10 years ago on the tour I saw them at in Europe. He also said some funny, but not entirely kind words about Al Jourgensen. :)

Work has been busy busy busy, and I feel that I've been coding like a madman. I really don't think a single person should write that much code on a single project, but I digress...

I wrote a mod/patch to ubh, a perl script that I use to pull mp3s from usenet. The mod is a menu system that improves the interactive mode...although I'm not sure that the author is going to use it in future versions. Oh well, I like it.

Oh yeah, and BAH HUMBUG...I'm soooo not in the holiday spirit, despite the fact that I hung lights for the first time.

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Tuesday, November 27th 2001 12:04am
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Monday, November 19th 2001 11:40am

The initial batch of wedding photos are up in the photos section. I have a few from my digital camera and a grip of blurry ones from John and Kelly's camera. :) I will probably end up doing some renaming later on the latter (heh), but for now at least they are visible.

I fully intend on buying a scanner once we get all the actual photos developed from the instants etc. Keep checking back!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that I made some slight changes to the pic indexing script so that it should now handle subdirectories (categories). It's not fully tested, but one level of nesting should work pretty reliably.

A big THANK YOU again to everyone who came to the wedding and helped make the event so special for us both!