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Sunday, March 24th 2002 9:40am

Well, I haven't posted anything in ages, so I figured I'd give a quick little status update...

I saw Meg Lee Chin live at Klusoz here in Lubbock last Thursday!! What an absolutely amazing show! Pictures are available in the photos section. The show rocked. She, and the band, were amazing! I've now seen Seibold 3 times live in the last 8 months or so...heh. He's a pretty cool guy in person, don't let that Her DJ was awesome...I was completely impressed with how he turned the tables into a genuine instrument that added so much to the live performance.

Other than that, not a whole lot is going on. I still need to find work in Portland or Seattle. Please hire me. Thanks.

[no subject]
Friday, March 8th 2002 12:02am

Shout outs and big happy B-day to my man Nappybread.

You're really not that old man... :)

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Wednesday, February 27th 2002 7:58pm

Aw yeah, nothin can bring me down!

I ate a quick lunch today and dropped on over to the used record store to browse around and buy a few things. Mostly fills of stuff that I forgot to buy when it was new, etc...

I made the ultimate score tho! I picked up Sonic Youth's "100%" single and opened it up in the store to check out the quality. Not too bad, but what is this...some scribbling on the inside cover. Wouldn't that be cool if it was signed? Nah, it's just some kids scribbling...look, there's some little doodle and I can't make out any letters in this other mess...

Then I look at it again later after I buy it...Hey wait, that's a 'K', and that's a 'G', and that almost looks like a 'Thu' with an 'M' stuck in later...I convinced myself that it's real.

I need an authority on sigs to tell me I snapped pics of the thing here and another one here. Check it out and let me know!

Anyway, it might not be genuine...but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is. I think I'm going to post links to the SY usenet group and see what the experts have to say about this gem!

[no subject]
Sunday, February 24th 2002 9:13pm

The Blubber Box is in full effect. Be scared. Noise like this can hurt!

Oh yeah, and if you work for a high-tek company in Portland or Seattle, please hire me. Thanks.

[no subject]
Sunday, February 10th 2002 11:49pm

The ILab has undergone some significant software upgrades...please bear with me if things aren't working 100%. Feel free to let me know if something is hosed.


[no subject]
Tuesday, February 5th 2002 10:58pm

I've finally taken the time to throw up a page for the triwavepicoswash that I built for my bro and myself. The page includes descriptions, pictures, and even some sound clips.

So stop reading this, and check it out already!

[no subject]
Monday, February 4th 2002 8:14pm

Well, for the time being at least, the ilab web server is back on port 80. I guess that means, at least temporarily, that will work. Same goes for my other virtual hosts (like this one, or this one, or even this little one). Props to Cox to not filtering these ports, if it was intentional!

When are they going to realize that small personal web sites don't congest their network and simply facilitate easy communication to friends and family...which is what the service is supposed to do in the first place? Let us [continue to] run our measly little sites dammit! :)