this page is down

fuck off

i am an ass bent slave
fuck free will
fuck art
fuck your mother
we are all slaves
you are certainly going to die


seriously, just let go

you'll be much happier, i promise

find god
mow the grass
pride yourself on your worthlessness
(i do)

fuck friendship
fuck art

fuck love

stop kidding yourself and believing that you're ever going to amount to anything other than another cog on the wheel of the status quo

you know and i know that it's never going to happen

you're not going to get the perfect job
you're not going to make that easy and interesting $million$
you're not going to meet the girl of your dreams
you're really just not going to amount to anything of any significant worth

they've got you by the balls and there's nothing you can do about it

love it

live it
(after all, they want you to)

in bed by 11
up by dawn
dead by dawn
and yes, assimilation is futile


i have let go of this page and the contents it once held

it's really not about me
it's really not about anything
fuck your job
fuck your family
fuck your life and dreams and childish expectations
fuck the dreams you thought you once had
no risk - no worries - no worth
it doesn't really matter, you know?