NOTE TO MY LAB PARTNERS  (updated on 12/06/97 at 12:20am)

The source.
And here are the class files (most recent build) if you need them:
interpolate.class (the main class)

NOTE:  This program is DONE (I think)...
Note to my lab partners:

Ok you guys, it looks like I got it finished and everything appears to be working properly.  I put up the most recent (final) version of the source code and the class d/load them if you want/need them.  I'll also be e-mailing you with the files.

I will also grab a copy of Charlie's web page and add the necessary paragraphs about the program operation.  Once I do that I'll make a link to it here.  Alex, if you want to, click around with the app a bit and see if you can write something up about the behavior of the algorithm.
Keep in touch...