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Friday, October 11th 2002 9:26pm

Ok, I haven't really said anything in a long I suppose (again) that this is my futile attempt at babble babbel babel (ala the 27 significant tr00ths): 1) finally gets it. my hero. 2) ??? 3) MAME is just about the best thing around. Buy me a cabinet already. 4) I live here, and I still haven't been to ground kontrol. maybe tomorrow. 5) Meg Lee Chin photos are up 6) The -C operator in perl will tell you when a file's inode was last changed. Duh. 7) Let's hope these things are better than the shit I'm currently using... 8) Tho the two are not entirely related, you should hire alphafight and go install qnx 9) The Doors + Bauhaus + The Cramps + Jesus and Mary Chain = Spacemen 3 10) FileZilla cures all your Windows FTP client needs. period. 11) If I had access to anything physically connected to hotmail, I would pee on it. 12) Dammit, I deserve it 13) WinPicProg is free, while the p16pro thingy is $$$...let's hope it works when I try it. 14) SuperPiMP is truly pimp. 15) You can get lost reading World Power Systems. Ok, maybe you can't, but I did... 27) At least one person in the world will never forget EBN (think 'television, the drug of a nation...') and you should definitely check out gnn if you don't already go there every single goddamn day, and PLEASE somebody please tell me where my favorite site went before I cry...I spent forever looking for it....

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