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Thursday, October 31st 2002 1:06am

My setup is so crappy. The ilab/noisybox setup is so cheap, it's sad. I waste more time dicking with stuff that I really shouldn't have to...

So I discovered that when I clicked on a link to a largeish image on my website, my machine would reboot. Ok, let me state that again for emphasis -- I could click on a link in my web browser and cause my server to reboot. Remotely. Reliably. Yeah, very bad indeed....

I couldn't recreate the problem from outside my network, so I started poking around some more. Swapped the 100Mb NIC with an old 10Mb one. No more problem. I suspect that my POS server just couldn't handle sending data that fast, now that I'm running on a 100Mbps switch. So horrible...but hopefully a little better uptime can be expected.

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