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Wednesday, December 18th 2002 9:49pm

So John called me and said The Institute, which yeah, happens to be the adventure game that the previous solution was pulled from. He wins the Big Prize of a yet undetermined nature. However, I still think he cheated in two ways: 1) He's the only person who ever reads my sill rants, and 2) He Google'd for it. Cheater. :)

I learned a new word today: sporge. Damn that really sucks. I ran across one while doing some Google Groups research and initially thought I had stumbled onto some crazy Al Qaeda training mission in hidden text...but I guess I'm just paranoid.

I'm really not in the xmas mood. Bah humbug. I still have lots to do. I'm such a huge procrastinator. I'm writing Perl for the LED sign. Arg.

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