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Saturday, January 4th 2003 9:18am's a new year and everything...and I didn't even post a big HAPPY NEWYEAR or anything. My page went neglected.

New Years was really low key, with Stacy and I just staying home and toasting some champagne (er, I guess technically it's called sparkling wine). We were going to try and hook up with some friends, but it just didn't seem worth it to play dodge-the-really-drunk-drivers. Sure, GTA3 is fun, but not when it's real life. :)

My new server box still hasn't gotten here. I wait for it daily. I've been doing lots of work and generally staying pretty friggin occupied. The "prev" link on my weblog never worked I just now fixed it.

It's quite hard for me to believe, but the ilab/noisybox [we]blog turns TWO YEARS OLD in like 3 days. That's right! Wow. So do the math, my posts-per-day-ratio is really quite shitty. I suppose I should resolve to do more documenting. I hate resolutions.

I have been giving PicMeme some attention lately. Mainly by trying to debug one or two really sketchy bugs that seem to only crop up when I'm not looking. If I can eradicate those, then some features will be added. Check back for updates...

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