I burned some time today making some tedius changes to the [we]blog script here. If everything worked as intended, you probably won't even notice any changes...but behind the scenes things are quite a bit different. I can even edit existing entries now...which is something that I've been meaning to implement for the past two years!

Of course, that doesn't ensure that I'll actually catch my mistakes and go back and fix them...but at least I have the ability to now if I want to.

You know, I could spend the rest of my time just working on my projects, building stuff, exploring creatively in various ways, making sounds and noises and breaking little circuits apart and putting components back together in interesting ways, and doing collage and scanning in documents and making things. I just wish somehow I could pay the bills doing it. Give me some mp3s, a hot soldering iron, and a PC and I get pulled in quickly...

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