30 hour days! It's the answer!
Monday, August 15th 2005 10:38pm

How come it only really takes me less than 15 minutes to post an entry, but I can never find the time? Something has got to give! Work has been kicking my ass...I need to take some vacation time.

So I went to the noise show on Saturday at Slabtown...great stuff, especially Pulse Emitter and The Future is Dust. You just haven't lived until you've heard a mic being destroyed by a Dremmel...and Pulse Emitter's TV sensor setup was really sick.

Stacy and I also walked the wildlife reserve on Sat and worked on sanding/painting the baseboards in the bedroom. My legs are still sore...I'm so out of shape.

And I'm probably the only person I know who's pretty excited by the recent buzz on the pd-list (see thread called Pure Devil). The prospect of having multiple GUIs laying on top of a PD engine is perhaps a bit frightening, but I really like the idea...could lead to some fun/strange interfaces (like pd isn't strange enough already).

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