Just some quickie notes...
Sunday, November 6th 2005 1:02pm

Some semi random notes from recent goings on.

First, there's now a release page for the liar's rail field recording I did recently.

Next, I wanted to mention that I finally got rt limits with low latency working with PAM. Somebody is hosting patched debs (required!) for Debian unstable...and they work great. One caveat though -- if you're going to make PAM changes you must log back in for it to take effect (took me a while to figure that one out). In any case, jackd via qjackctl works beautifully now (again) with low latency and zero xruns and no realtime lsm module to load.

Finally, if you happen to have a Zoom X6 DSL modem and make changes through the CLI interface, there is a way to save to flash. I poked around and couldn't find it in the docs or the help and even asked Zoom tech support (yeah, they sure didn't know). The command to save to flash is: "system config save". Sounds simple enough, but it took me a long time to hunt it down.

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