New album, PC updates, shows...
Saturday, May 27th 2006 1:08pm

It's been raining for a solid week now it seems. Gray, overcast, wet, nasty. It's supposed to clear up soon, though, which would be rather nice because Danridge is supposed to take us fishing.

I haven't put the audio up yet, but I completed the next Infiltration Lab album, Bark Mulch Golem: Attack!. It's a long, dark, drony journey. I'll have some mp3s up via, hopefully later today.

So I bought a new desktop machine a little while ago, and although it really screams, I haven't been able to get a realtime patched kernel to boot on it...that is, until yesterday when 2.6.16-rt25 was released! Seems to work very well with jack and xorg modular. There's a clock drift problem with jack and dual core processors tho, and there's a jack branch called "clockfix" that addresses (fixes!) this issue, but it hasn't been merged yet. As a result, none of the stock Debian apps can use the jack server, which kinda defeats the whole point. It's progress, though. Now if only I could get those closed-source motherfuckers to support flash player and windows codecs, I might be satisfied.

Ministry and Revolting Cocks show is tonite. I want to hate myself for paying too much money to see a middle-age reunion tour, but it's going to be good. I guess I bought into the what.

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