Ongoing stuff from recent happenings.

Last weekend was the (last?) Cacophony event at Weapons of Mass Compassion. No, not the other Portland cacophony, but one actually related to the meaning of the word. I captured some images, posted them here. According to my failing memory, the fAWN sound was a top-notch stand out, and the unusal tones spewing from two oboes remain vivid. It was a swell show. The uncomfortable Fando and Lis imagery projected during several sets prompted me to seek out a few surreal classics I haven't yet seen.

Stacy and I are renting a rad little ultrasonic baby listening device to track the pregnancy. We're limiting it to 5 minutes once a week....but oh yes, there are recordings full of great sounds. My girl is a trooper...she carries my babe and puts up with my madness.

This week it was announced that the something-million startup company I work for was fully acquired by a something-billion company. Of course I can't speak freely in a public forum, and to be fair, it's only been a few days, but from what I can tell, this is going to be less than desirable.

Ryan had a birthday fest last night with some friends. He showed off his grey water recycling-slash-shower rig that he's building for the burning man thing. Fun smart stuff. Flocculant.

Tonight was a potluck party for the bikram yoga studio where I study, and it was a swell good time. If you know much about Portland or yoga or both, you'd think this thing would be filled with pseudo spiritual hippie mumbo jumbo, but it was [surprisingly?] down to earth, quite grounded [normal?]. The host, John, has a fantastic spread overlooking Oak's Bottom and a fantastic view of downtown.

On the yoga front, I just started the practice back up after taking 3 weeks off after abusing the hell out of my injured or torn hamstring. It's slow going, but it's great to be back.

And I finally made it to the Dutch American Import Store, which is apparently the only place in the area where you can get a properly salted licorice! I stocked up proper and am presently working on the DZ coins (oh how I missed your evil saltyness)! Looking forward to the "EXTRA STARK SALMIAK PASTILLEN" diamonds. They didn't have the salty fish licorice that I got hooked on, though, and I'm still looking for the freaky "Piss Ants" hard candy (Danish?) that Georg had in HS....(hilfe?)...

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