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Artist: Infiltration Lab

Album: ioctl()

Release date: June 11th, 2003
Running time: 00:39:46

Track listing:

  1. Lifespan [05:22] [7.4MB]
  2. Eye Octal [04:17] [5.9MB]
  3. Withholdings [02:51] [3.9MB]
  4. Stealthy [05:12] [7.2MB]
  5. Roland's Medicine is Fun and Games (Blood Machine) [05:56] [8.1MB]
  6. Solitude Equals Death Poisons [03:15] [4.5MB]
  7. Ioctl [12:53] [14MB]

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Artwork (for CD duplication):


The virtually unlistenable debut album by Infiltration Lab. Nearly 40 manic minutes of unforgiving noise, fucked-up toys, samples, and general nonsense. A collection of incoherent and abrasive sounds was recorded and mastered in two measly's a first attempt album...and it probably shows. From the sleeve notes:

recorded in haste on 6/6/3 and 6/7/3 in the infiltration lab lo-fi home studio. all sounds (de)constructed, mangled, and arranged by jason plumb / infiltration lab. keyboard, guitar, noise swash, triwave picogenerator, care bear, lab rat, and blubber box. recorded using linux with an abundance of difficult, counterintuitive free software, including ardour, audacity, seq24, qjackconnect, simsam, and others. sleeve and cover design made with the gimp and appropriated tv signals. cdrs created with k3b. thanks to: the commonsound collective (, for the triwave and noise swash designs), the countless people spending countless hours building free software for free, and dustin plumb for donated audio gear and noise toys. this might be an enhanced cd. this is a free with it what you will.

A limited-edition set of nineteen (19) custom CDRs was designed, created, and hand assembled using photocopier technology, press-on labels, and inexpensive blank CDRs. Although overall production quality is lacking (caused mainly by self-imposed time constraints), this album demonstrates how low-cost albums can be created using modern technology.

This is a free album. Please feel free to copy and redistribute as desired. Or don't. The choice is yours. Above are links for the audio tracks (in 192kbps mp3 format, due to bandwidth limitations), CD sleeve artwork, and CD label artwork. Feel free to make yourself a CD.