the scarebear™

otherwise known as "care bear" or "scarebare"


The scarebear started out as a mild mannered dog toy with good intentions. I think the process looked something like this:

![teddybear](/art/bends/scarebear/growlingbear01.jpg) + ![ultrasonic mouse spooker](/art/bends/scarebear/scarebear-pre01.jpg) = ![scarebear](/art/bends/scarebear/scarebear_posttop.jpg)

You could squeeze the bear and a little internal circuit would play back a horribly distored sound that was supposed to resemble a growl. Over time, two boxers mauled the shit out of the little bear, and the internal (non replaceable) battery began to run low. The growling sound became more and more distored. Eventually, the kind owner of the bear gave it up for an Infiltration Lab style surgical reanimation procedure.

We once had a mouse in our kitchen. Rather than just buying a trap and flat out murdering the bastard, Stacy recommended that we try a more humane approach. 8 hours later, a mouse was sitting directly beneath this "ultrasonic rodent repeller", which obviously deserved a disembowlment.

I think perhaps it would be a more effective rodent scaring device in its current state.



This is what the scarebear looks like now. These photos should do a pretty good job of showing of the mods...


The following samples were recorded to demonstrate the fearsome sounds from the scarebear! All were recorded in one take on a PC's SoundBlaster Live. All cuts are original, unmodified, without effects: