Wannabe Quasi Matrix Console Program

I ended up cranking out some software in a cheezy attempt at recreating something that resembled the matrix console screen saver for linux.  The code is very simple, and I just wanted to have something up and running quick that could be installed on a DOS floppy and started from an autoexec.

We are planning on using this software (or something similar) on the 16-monitor video wall that we will hopefully create for the next LAN net-game-nerd party.

You can download the 30Kb:  conmat.exe
Or if you like punishment, get the source: conmat.cpp conmat.h (designed for Borland C++ for DOS).
It is highly recommended that you either run this on a straight DOS machine or in a console window that has been maximized (use ALT-ENTER you Windoze slackers).

Feed the program a large text file (such as those old Phrack files you have laying around on the HD somewhere) on the command line and enjoy the display.

conmat.exe inputfile.txt

While the program is running, the following commands are available:

     +      Increase speed (default is max speed)
     -      Decrease speed
     space  Pause display
     q      Quit program

I will not be held accountable for the quality of this program.  :)  And yes, there are MANY improvements that can/should/won't be made.

Ok, so the previous version sucked.....and everybody seemed to complain about the horizontal scrolling...

I ended up porting the cmatrix screen saver from linux to run in DOS. It's certainly not that stable and doesn't do the bolding right, but what the hell...it was intended to run on monochrome monitors anyway! :)

Download the DOS port of cmatrix here: cmatrix.exe