Suspicious? Yeah, I think so....
Wednesday, April 2nd 2003 2:14pm

So some guy (apparently also named Jason, email sent me email last night. He says that he built a version of the "DOS Matrix" screen saver thingy (although he wasn't exactly clear, maybe he was talking about the simulated console screen saver, I dunno). He was even nice enough to attach the executable and tell me that he would send the source.

So, "cool" I think. I write him a nice little email back and explain to him that I like the idea, but that I'm not going to run a random binary and that I'd like the source to compile myself.

The email bounces. Doh. So I give him the benefit of the doubt and try again today thinking "Well, maybe Juno was just doing maintenance or having downtime at 3:30am". No luck. It still bounces.

How totally suspicious. I wonder what that program really contains...Update: I took a brief look inside the file with a hex editor. It appears to be what it claims, tho I'm still not gonna run it to find out.

If the person who sent it to me happens to be reading this, please send me the source from an email account I can actually reply to!

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