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Sun May 27 2001 14:58:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)

I've finished the majority of the work in bending this micro jammer monster. I still don't have a 9v battery connector hooked up for power, no human contact bends on outside of case (yet), and no LED for cap switch-in...but for the most part it's nearly complete. The web page for it still hasn't been touched and I still haven't recorded any samples to mp3. It's on the TODO list. I'm pretty happy with the results thus far. Some of the things aren't operating exactly as intended, but I guess that's part of the enjoyment in this whole process...figuring out new things and getting new sounds. I'm already looking forward to my next bend...the Mega Mouth Jam'n megaphone. Never underestimate the power of a black epoxy blob.