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Sun Jul 01 2001 09:10:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Well, I saw "A.I." on Friday. What a complete disappointment. While I will admit that my expectations were quite high, this movie failed to live up to any of them. Apparently, the film began as some kind of Kubrick project and was handed down to Spielberg. Unfortunately, this film didn't have that true feel of either director. I think that my two (of many) biggest complains relate to the music and the improper handling of the subject material. The music was just horrible. It wasn't interesting. It was used improperly. And often. What's the point in having music constantly playing in the background with frequent violin swells to try and tug some emotional response from viewers? It just doesn't work. Even worse, I feel that the subject matter was handled improperly. More to the point, Spielberg took a really good idea (admittedly, I like the idea behind the story) and fucked it up. I waked away from this film feeling like Spielberg has no idea what it really means for a machine to posess true intelligence/consciousness. I felt a little sick when the close-encounters-alien-meets-contact-father anorexic futureborg muttered that crap about "space time continuum stores information blah blah traversing a path changes things". Whatever. Poor writing. Save your money.