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Fri Jul 06 2001 11:12:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

It's official: Stacy and I quit smoking today. Long live The Patch. The reasons for quitting are obvious. It's bad for our health, it gives us bad breath and makes us stink, turns our teeth yellow, kills our sense of smell and taste, and it's gotten too fucking expensive! You know what though, I fucking love smoking. I love packing the box before opening the top. I love the way that clear plastic wrapper will stick to anything. I love the smell of a freshly opened pack. I love the sound my zippo makes when I flip it open and strike the flint...and the follow-up sound of the first drag is equally pleasing. I love perfecting my cigarette butt flick (both for distance and accuracy). I love a cigarette after sex. I love the way that first cigarette feels in the morning, and I love the taste of a smoke right after a good meal. I guess the above summary demonstrates my situation perfectly: I'm a fucking addict. Well no more my dear friends. I'm determined to kick that little fucking monkey. Probably the best part is the money. Once we get weened off the patch, the saving are really going to be crazy. Here's the way I figure it. We each smoke a pack a day. Unless you buy cartons (which we were really too lazy to do), the current price is somewhere between $3.50 and $4.00 per pack. Let's say $3.50 to be conservative. Between the two of us, we're saving $7.00 per day! So in a month we're saving roughly $210.00. Crazy, crazy, crazy. In 5 months we will have saved over $1000. In a year it's well over $2500. Rad.