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Mon Aug 06 2001 00:12:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Well dammit. I wasted way too much time today. I was all motivated and tore my server out of the rack in order to upgrade to RH7.1. Spent all day carefully selecting packages etc. etc. to find out (after 3 failed attempts) that this shitty Seagate HD is toast. Blah. I stand by my previous statements: Seagate hard drives suck ass! I will never buy another Seagate HD and I recommend that you stay away from them as well. The one that is now officially toast was actually a replacement for a replacement. What a fucking sorry product. What a waste of my time. This HD was in Stacy's old P133 machine...I suspect that's what caused her so many problems. Perhaps I should send it back to them with a nasty note telling them where they can stick it. If you have a better use for a broken 2Gb drive, please let me know. On the bright side of things...I we rented Rush Hour so that we could be up-to-speed for part two. Ok, so it was Lethal Weapon remade with different actors...so what...it was still funny.