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Thu Aug 09 2001 13:39:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Fuck Texas Tech football. In fact, mother fuck Texas football in general. Yes, that includes Oklahoma too. In case you can't tell, I think I've been pushed to the limit in this place of football fanatics. Stacy and I apparently made the mistake of setting our wedding date on the day of the biggest football game this season: Oklahoma vs. Tech on Nov. 17th. Who would have figured that we would need to check a goddamn football season schedule to plan our wedding?!? Although it's well over 3 months before the big event/game, all the decent hotels in this shithole town are booked full! I just can't believe it. On top of all that, apparently it's considered a special events weekend and they jack up the prices. Just great. I always knew how popular football is in this part of the country, but this just takes the cake. I did manage to get 6 decent rooms guaranteed. I hope that will suffice. If you're a football fan and you buy tickets and make fucking travel plans and hotel reservations 5 months in advance for a GAME, you really need to get a life. Unless your son is the quarterback or you yourself used to play for the team, you have got NO GOOD REASON to make football that important. Period. Fuck off. Ok, I feel a little better...[end of rant]