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Mon Dec 31 2001 15:38:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Well, it's been another long stretch without an update. I guess the holidays have kept me pretty busy. We went to OKC for xmas, saw the cute little kids, exhanged gifts, and had a lot of fun. I finished building my bro Dustin a "pedal" (if you can actually consider it one) for xmas. I took some pics and made a couple of horrible sound clips that can be found here. Eventually I'll make a real page for it. John actually made a good point the other day about my need to finish projects that I start. :) I think I may try a different approach for the Vtec driver in hopes of finishing it without these special (read: expensive) MAXIM ICs I was planning on using. If I can get the approach working, I should be able to wrap the thing up pretty quickly... And as always, keep checking back for updates, yo!