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Wed Feb 27 2002 19:58:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Aw yeah, nothin can bring me down!

I ate a quick lunch today and dropped on over to the used record store to browse around and buy a few things. Mostly fills of stuff that I forgot to buy when it was new, etc...

I made the ultimate score tho! I picked up Sonic Youth's "100%" single and opened it up in the store to check out the quality. Not too bad, but what is this...some scribbling on the inside cover. Wouldn't that be cool if it was signed? Nah, it's just some kids scribbling...look, there's some little doodle and I can't make out any letters in this other mess...

Then I look at it again later after I buy it...Hey wait, that's a 'K', and that's a 'G', and that almost looks like a 'Thu' with an 'M' stuck in later...I convinced myself that it's real.

I need an authority on sigs to tell me tho...so I snapped pics of the thing here and another one here. Check it out and let me know!

Anyway, it might not be genuine...but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is. I think I'm going to post links to the SY usenet group and see what the experts have to say about this gem!