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Wed Mar 27 2002 23:30:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Well that's just wonderful... I'm posting this from the console of my server because the power supply fan on my main box stopped working. Who knows how long it's been like that. I noticed a faint "hot" smell when I entered the ilab today after work, but I didn't really think anything of it. To make things worse, one of my hard drives made an evil noise earlier...I'm betting that it's related...and I hope the damage isn't permanent. When I finally realized that the PS fan had gone out, I shut down the machine and opened it up to let it cool off. The power supply, most of the chassis, and both hard drives were so hot that you couldn't tolerate touching them for more than a few seconds. Just fucking great. I'm utterly surprised that the stupid box kept working! So I guess I get to look forward to rushing out tomorrow and buying a new PS at a bloated price from a local vendor while I get this piece of crap RMAd. Wonderful. All this just two days before the first LAN Party in many months... If you're trying to get to the pictures or anything else that I have hosted from my windows box, it won't be available, and now you know why.