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Sun May 19 2002 22:22:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)

"It's a dead world, and it's about that time to clear things here, one generation follows another, but something in my head says 'keep going, don't give up'... - ATR I think that I'm going to try and commit to posting something here every day. Yeah, sure, I may not completely live up to that promise (at least I say it up front), and sometimes I'm going to be hurting for something to say, blah, but perhaps its a start. Saw Episode II today. Overall, I'd probably have to say that it beat my expectations, which were admittedly very low. I'm still glad that I paid matinee price and didn't have to wait in line very long. I think Lucas could have done us a favor by cutting out 15 or 20 minutes of "love story development", but oh well. I'm still not entirely sure why everybody in the theatre was so surprised to see Yoda kicking ass... The X-Files is over. The series finale tried to bring some closure to things, but I think it fell a bit short. I'm going to hold my breath for the films...redemption is still possible IMHO. I guess I have an extra hour now on Sunday nights, which is probably a good thing. Oh hell yes, guess who preordered GTA3 for PC? That's right...I haven't been this excited about a game release in years. I sure hope this doesn't force me to upgrade my video card, because I certainly can't afford it.