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Thu Jul 11 2002 21:01:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Ok peoples, the server is back online in its new home in OREGON! Expect some periodic outages tonight and possibly the next few days while I get all the kinks worked out. Only the server is up right now, the rest of the LAN should be up tonite. I've got the DNS mappings reset (via dyndns) to my static IP, and the associated webhops (which are a little pointless now that I'm static again, but oh well). Message me later on Trillian when my winshit box is running... So far, I think I'm pretty satisfied with this killer DSL service. The tech took less than 5 minutes to install me beginning to end (that includes climbing two flights of stairs) and I didn't even have to have a machine set up. NICE. Thanks ATG! I'll have more later after I've done some more unpacking!