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Mon Jul 15 2002 22:22:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Arg. I wasted nearly all day working on getting email switched over to maildirs using Courier and maildrop. That sucked. I ran into several problems and ended up backing out of it to my old config. Not fun. The main problems: At least with Mozilla, all subfolders were created under Inbox...annoying, but tolerable. Converting mbx format (which I switched to a while back) to maildir is a bitch and I spent WAY too much time doing this. When I finally thought all was set up and working, I would notice that Courier would just crap out and stop responding. This mainly happened when I rapidly switched between folders in Mozilla. Sux. A restart of the service would bring things right back up...but that just should not have happened. I left most everything in place, so perhaps I'll look at it again sometime. Primary home/personal email: jason@ilab.homeip.net, alternate is jason.plumb@ilab.homeip.net (delivered to same mailbox) Work email: jason.plumb@osc.com. Man, I'm really boring. ...but Stacy bought some sweet ass tables today -- one is a largish coffee table (to replace our old crappy one sold in the garage sale) and the other two are smaller end tables. They're really nice black metal ones that take a set of tiles as the surface. They look great in the new living room.