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Wed Aug 07 2002 08:53:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)

And yeah, again, it's been a while since I've had anything to say...but I have been quite busy. You may [or may not] have noticed a new domain for the ilab. I'm in the process of phasing out the "infiltration lab" name and switching over to noisybox.net. I still need to create a new logo, so look for it eventually. I will probably keep the ilab.webhop/homeip.net entries valid, but I am considering putting up a redirector page to motivate people to change their bookmarks. Downtime turned me on to a nice free DNS service that I'm using now to host DNS for my brother's site. Rad. My computers are in a state of disarray right now...my Windows box still has problems, I'm entirely convinced it's a conflict with my MB and video card. Sux. I'm going back to Pentium...screw AMD...this has always left a bad feeling in my mouth. I should be more stubborn about things sometimes... We saw Modest Mouse on Monday downtown at the Crystal Ballroom. The show was excellent! They pretty much played all my favorites and the encore was quite long. I was impressed! The 'Ballroom is a great looking venue...very sweet looking inside. The rubbery wood floors are a bit unnerving in the oh-crap-we-are-going-to-fall kind of way, but it's still fun. I can't wait to check out Sonic Youth there later this month! We've been painting/staining an entertainment center slash arm-wah (yeah, like I'm even going to try and spell that one) and bookcases that my mom bought for us unfinished. It's been entirely too much work, but I really think they're going to look beautiful when done... We were also on a movie kick for a while. Went to see Goldmember in the theater (just because, c'mon, it's damn funny) and rented several DVDs, including The Royal Tenenbaums, Shallow Hal, The Others, and Ocean's Eleven...but goddamn if Hollywood Video (the closest rental place to us) only has 2 copies of Amelie on DVD that are always checked out...blah.