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Wed Aug 14 2002 22:57:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Phew. Things have been kinda busy. Did you know that in Oregon you can carry a boat on top of your car, provided that the overall height doesn't exceed 14 feet? Neither did I until I missed the question on my drivers test. How the hell was I supposed to know that? I still passed. We saw Cootie Platoon (my friend Melodie's band) play at the Tonic downtown last night. It was a fun show and we had a great time...it was awesome to see Mel after so many years... I've done some additional troubleshooting on my video-card system freeze-ups to no avail. :( I'm so disappointed with this crap. I can't believe that I've spent this many hours troubleshooting such a crappy problem. Last night, I did a ton of message board reading, switching around various undocumented motherboard jumpers, tweaking BIOS settings, running diagnostic software...all without luck. Goddammit, that sucks. Tonight, I swapped out my power supply with the one I got back RMAd from MWave a few months ago. Still no luck. So let's recap: No problems originally and the system was stable, install new video card from ATI, problems start immediately, ensure all drivers/bios up-to-date, tweak settings, move PCI cards to different slots, RMA video card, reinstall OS+drivers from scratch on new HD, move around jumpers, swap out power supplies. NO LUCK! :( I think tomorrow I'm going to try and pick up some thermal paste for my CPU, I'm convinced that my cooling sucks...although I really don't expect this to fix my lockups. The only possibility I can think if is memory problems, but I still find it weird that the system was stable with the same RAM before I installed this ATI crap. And now to top it off the fan on my server's power supply went out sometime today. Wonderful.