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Sat Aug 17 2002 11:06:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)

In my continued attempt to phase out the Infiltration Lab name stuff and phase in noisybox.net, I have created a new logo (see above). Sure, it's nothing special and it looks a lot like the old logo and I cranked it out pretty quickly...but it's still something. Again, those bookmarks should be updated to http://noisybox.net. I should really get around to fixing the bug I discovered in ChachScan the other day. It's a single character bug caused by an improper array size declaration. Ug, I only found that because somebody emailed me asking about some code and I happened to see it. I suppose since I don't have dev studio installed (yet) on my box I'll have to do it on my work machine. No biggie. I should also get around to working on the silly little article that I started for Wirehed Magazine the other day. ...and I should clean up the office and unpack some boxes and take out the trash and get out of the house more, but ultimately I'm lazy.