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Wed Sep 04 2002 21:40:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)

So the links page has a nice little addition -- our lord and savior jesus hovering ominously over the lower 48. You know you're going to burn in hell, so just relax. I've also put cowstick up in the art section just for fun. Popsicles are yummy! The projects page now has a wish list section. This should provide you, my humble viewer, an outlet for those massive wads of Benjamins that keep filling up your pockets ever-so-annoyingly. I know you find wealth so frustrating, so here's your chance for relief...just pop on over, pick something up, and send it my way. And furthermore, if you haven't been to dustinplumb.net in a while, you should scope that cause I tossed up some new material. I also tossed a few new anchors in the links page. Somehow some things of importance were forgotten in the whirlwind of stagnation. All apologies. I can't wait to see Meg Lee Chin [again] on Friday...snap! This is not a home page. This is a web site. Please note the distinction.