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Fri Nov 08 2002 11:26:00 GMT-0800 (PST)

I have recently become very interested in those Electroluminscent (EL) lights that you may have seen mounted in a low profile night-light socket. This technology fascinates me! I would really like to build a binary wall mounted clock using these lamps/lights, but I didn't know if it would be cost effective to buy the night lights off the shelf. So I did some research and discovered that there are quite a few places that sell this kind of stuff, but most of it seems rediculously overpriced, even on eBay (yeah, I'm pretty cheap). I stumbled on a similar product using the same kind of technology -- and it seems that I have been living in a cave and didn't know that EL wire even even existed, or just how popular it has become. People have done some pretty kick ass things with EL wire...I think I have my next Halloween costume picked out, and a whole year to implement it. :) The real delight came when I discovered a lab handout from a course at MIT. What? What's this? You mean you can screen print these EL lamps? How rad is this? This opens up all kinds of possibilities... Now, I suppose it's time to try my hand at screen printing, building screens and such. Phase two, I suppose, will involve obtaining the right chemicals and trying out the process.