I'm just sick of the bloat!

Wed Feb 26 2003 20:44:13 GMT-0800 (PST)

Well, if you're like me, then perhaps you're sick of the bloat in Winamp version 3. It's not really a horrible product, except for the silly little fact that it doesn't work properly, it's slow, VERY bloated, and, at least on my setup, likes to crash pretty frequently. Hell, I'd even install it again if they would release an update! Damn guys, get with it! I'm not the only one complaining! So then maybe you're interested in trying Zinf, formerly FreeAmp. It's an open source mp3/ogg player for a variety of platforms, most notably Windows and Linux. Zinf the good: Pretty small footprint, quick to open and play files, nice clean playlist and file indexing module kicks the shit out of Winamp3 when it comes to speed, even across a LAN. It also uses MusicBrainz (an excellent project!) for CD identification. Zinf the bad: Um, the keyboard bindings are undocumented and are less intuitive than Winamp's. All the skins/themes (including the default) are really quite fucking ugly, compared with the nice eye-candy that Winamp has. Forget visualizations and plugins. For anybody who has more than a few thousand mp3s, it needs a way to search/filter the indexed list. Summary: Just want to listen to some music and hate waiting for Winamp to load and/or crash and/or freeze? Try Zinf.