So I got Donnie Darko on DVD for my b-day! We watched it last night and it reinforced in me just how good it is. Thanks to dean the bean for exposing me to it. I'm not exactly sure how I missed it originally, but damn, it's a very good film. I have to say it -- it's much better on DVD than the crazy stretched copy Dean showed me. :) I picked up the new Pigface album yesterday (used, but in excellent shape!) and "Mount Eerie" by the Microphones. I heard the Microphones album last time I was in Lubbock and some very respectible KTXT DJ played it in its entirety. Wow. Drop what you're doing right now, get together some cash, and go buy this album. I mean it. You won't be disappointed! Ok, it's maybe a little artsy for some people's tastes...but goddammit...that fucking record moves me. Last thing -- the noisybox [we]blog now has a subject line. Big whoop. Behind the scenes, though, the logs are being written to files and also shoved into a MySQL table. I likey. I'm planning on doing some more cool stuff with MySQL...please just give me time.