Lee Nucks?

Thu Apr 17 2003 07:42:23 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

So I went and saw Pigface on Monday. It was a really good time, although I think the playlist went by way too fast...and I'm not exactly sure WHY they didn't do at least one encore. The live version of AutoHag was absolutely insane!

After the last 2 shows I've been to, I feel it necessary to explain some things for would-be concert goers. Some people just don't seem to understand how to play nicely at shows:

  1. If you ate Greek, Italian, or Indian before the show, chew some fuckin gum.
  2. Wear a shirt with sleeves. Leave the shirt ON.
  3. Take a shower and wash your hair at least once in the week prior to the show.
  4. The pit != "Fight Club" (although this one is arguable). Really though, I just can't understand why somebody would pay a ticket price to basically roam around throwing elbows and fists and generally trying to fuck people up, all the while ignoring the show. Save some money and find an alleyway.
  5. If you're tired, my shoulder is NOT a place for you to rest. My shoulder is not a convenient holder for your devil horns. My shoulder (or hip or leg or face) is not part of some magical crowd surfing ladder.
  6. Pushing a crowd of people forward at full strength is retarded. Similarly, pushing a crowd of people backward at full strength is equally retarded.

...and I've been dicking around with a Linux install on my main desktop machine. Debian in fact. Not for the faint of heart. It's a weird transition, but the more I use it the more I seem to like it. If Linux (and I use the term broadly here) had a tagline, I think it should be something like:

Linux: Free software that's a bitch to set up.

Really, things have come a long way, they're just not quite there yet. I mean, there's no way that your "average user" (whatever that is) is going to install Linux and dick around with different versions and dependencies and problems. But the great thing is, once you do manage to get it set up, it's actually quite nice. Rock stable. And yes, there are actually some better programs over here.

So far, I've had great support for all my devices, including a USB printer and scanner, my ATI AIW Radeon TV card, weird USB-mouse-through-kvm-to-ps2 setup, NTFS partition mounting, etc. All great support, once I figured out how to get them working.

Ok, sure, most mainstream games aren't supported...but I guess that's a reason for keeping a Windows partition around...but I really don't seem to game that much anymore.