Bookmarks, p2p, and noise.

Fri May 30 2003 19:51:10 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

So I've been working on some code related to bookmarks. Specifically, Mozilla bookmarks, XBEL, and a php interface...with ways to convert between the formats. I'm actually pretty happy with what I've hacked up so far, but nothing to release yet. Check back soon I time allows. I've also been thinking a lot about peer-to-peer systems lately, and I'm in the process of putting together some thoughts on it/them. It might make a good article one day...if I can ever finish it. Again, no general availability, just something I thought I'd mention since I've given it a small amount of time. And lastly, I hacked apart this insane little doggie toy. It was originally a bear that had a little blob circuit and 6V worth of button batteries and made a growling sound. It got much better once the batteries got low. So I gave it a new home inside what used to be an ultrasonic mouse repellant (btw, don't ever buy one of those, they REALLY don't work, trust me and the mouse that sat under it). It make some interesting noises now. Handheld noise. No page yet, no samples or images yet, maybe tonight I'll throw something up.