Chevy's flamin hot flautas for cinco de mayo? Hell yes. Muey bueno!

Fri May 02 2003 21:31:48 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

I finally got my late birthday present mounted up all pretty. You see, there's a story here...

In high school, I believe, I was working part time doing construction cleanup to make some spending money. On a trip to the dump, I ran across this beautiful piece of glass, apparently from an old school phone booth. Every phone booth I had ever seen used plastic (I'm sure, as an afterthough by the phone companies after all the glass got smashed to bits!), and the youthful f0n3 phr34k4r in me took an immediate liking. I asked the guy at the dump if I could take it, he agreed, and I took it home.

It was always my intention to get it framed. Obviously, I didn't spend my hard earned construction-bitch money on an expensive frame. No. Instead, I stored the damn thing and never did much with it. Recently, I thought about the sign. I though it had been lost or destroyed in The Long Move to hell, er, south Texas. Apparently it survived and my mom had Larry build a beautiful box frame for it! Best. Present. Ever!

So anyway, I have no clue how old the glass is. I'd guess that it's at least 20 or so years old (did they still make glass telephone booth signs in the 80's?), but honestly I have no clue. I'm just going to hang on to it because I like it.

The box frame is perfectly suited to backlighting, but I haven't done it yet. I would really like to do some overly complicated battery-powered white LED with built-in off timer thingy (you know, to avoid the whole long wire thing), but that's for another time.

Physical SPAM is so much cooler than email SPAM. The other day this company sent me a funky pen that said ILAB and had my home address on it. Apparently they think that I need to buy a bunch of pens to promote my "business". It had to be from a web snarf, because I really don't even use ilab anymore, even though the older domain name still works.

And lastly, Stacy bought me a pug buddy a while ago. His name is Kip. I love that girl.