The Bird Man of Alcatraz versus FPI/UNICOR.

Mon Dec 15 2003 08:19:49 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

So mostly, life's been pretty good I suppose. The last day of my 9-year stint with OSC is on Tuesday, and I start my new job on Wednesday. "No break for me!" It's strange, but I'm actually pretty nervous about being the new guy [again]. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house more, though, and I'm very excited about working for such a modern, forward-looking company. Yes, sure, it's a weird time to change jobs...but it just feels right. The downside is going to be remembering a grip of new names, wearing clothes that I would never wear otherwise, commuting, and managing parking and lunches...but overall, this is a good move for me. I'm ready to go forward. And now is the part of our program where I link whore: Lots of lengthy and interesting information about FPI/Unicor can be found here (and continued on for several linked pages here). Just in case you were interested. EM411 is a pretty decent little electro-music co-op site where people spin virtual knobs on laptops. One thing they didn't teach you in art school is that Joseph Beuys made a 7" and accompanying video in the 1980s. Crappy and beautiful in its catchiness. Note the new linkpile items for r4nd and wolf eyes. Nullpointer is doing amazing things by cross-breeding an artist's asthetic with source code and gameboys. These guys have made some crazy good pieces, which I'm pretty sure somehow includes the mind-blowing (WebTV)/).