Sure, it's a burden....but so's the alternative

Sun Mar 28 2004 15:18:58 GMT-0800 (PST)

If you stopped by looking for pics from the Portland Noise Festival, they're posted over here: Portland NoiseFest 2004 pictures. The noise festival was amazing. Let me repeat that for emphasis: The Portland 2004 Noise Festival was amazing. Evil sick perfection. Very huge props to the organizers and promoters. In fact, the show beat my every expectation. I have to admit, I had pretty minimal (pessimistic) expecatations going in, but things were so great that I was forced to return on Saturday...and I don't regret it for a second. There were so many phenomenal performances, but my memory keeps focusing on the Sleeping With the Earth set. Holy shit. Wow. Kudos again to everybody who put forth the time, energy, and money to make that thing happen. It was certainly a defining moment in my short existence. So yeah, on a less serious note, this is one of the most fucking awesome things I have ever seen in my life. Listen or die: Devastatin' Dave. It's like an 80s version of Super Greg. Or something.