Jingle jangle goes the money honey bunny...

Fri May 07 2004 19:49:34 GMT-0700 (PDT)

John Hunnicutt wrote:

Not to worry, wouldn't pay 180 K or even consider (starting salary for that
position) someone with such flippant responses. If you are going to post an
internet resume, you might want take all inquiries/comments seriously, you
never know who is shopping.
Thanks John! Not to worry, I wouldn't accept 180 K or even consider working for somebody who uses such a cryptic, and frankly backward-ass way of soliciting potential employees. Let's recap how this went down... You send me a one-line message, out of the blue, with no sig: "What do you do for a living? Know anything about telecom?" Hmmm. Complete stranger. Asks me what I do for a living. He couldn't have read my resume online, otherwise, ya know, he'd have a pretty good idea already. I wonder what this maniac stalker psychopath wants...so I reply with a light-hearted and friendly "...What made you decide to email me out of the thousands of people on the internet?....why do you ask?". To which you replied with the absolutely eloquent: "Job silly" email (again, no additional explanation, and no sig). "Job silly?" I wonder to myself? What the hell could this mean? Does this man/boy/stranger thinks his job is particularly silly? Does this guy work in a particularly hilarious sector of telecom? Is this guy wanting to hire me for a silly job? What's the mode of communication here? Is this yet another one of those guys who insists on stringing random words together in hopes that I can magically derive meaning? I picture a guy with a clown nose crimping RJ45 or something. So I reply with some continued babble-babble-doublespeak nonsense, and I state that my questions remain unanswered...and I get

I honestly have no idea who you are. Please send me the original email and possibly I can determine what is going on. John Hunnicutt

Wow. This dude can't manage email, but he's a "Director". I wonder how many film's he's made...but I guess 20 minutes later you've managed to remember how to use Outlook:

I believe this might have been via your web resume? Not real sure. Looking for a high end Avaya PBX technician...or Meg Tilly, whichever comes first. Would even settle for Meg Ryan.

Whatever. Ok. I suppose I don't make $180k, but I can certainly tell that the background on John's "portrait" image (seen above, source from here) isn't white. Nice work man. I also like the use of the tag. Even though I haven't seen that in a while (say, circa 1994 web design), it just SCREAMS professionalism! Even though I suppose this shit happens everywhere, I'm fucking happy that I don't live in Texas anymore.