So what's new witchoo?

Mon Jun 07 2004 22:29:17 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Pictures from Coachella 2004 are here. I also took some pics when I went up to Seattle to see my bro's band The Drop play...check 'em here. I continue to get bizarre, cryptic emails from strangers. Somehow I've given the impression that these crackheads and foreigners can just send me nonsense...and that somehow I can make sense out of it all. Unfortunately, that's not the case. If you're a 17-year-old Indian dude trying to hack together a wireless robot video system (or something, hell, I can't tell!), I probably can't help you. :) And I've been playing around in fluxbox. It's a nice lightweight window manager that continues to grow on me...tho I do wish it had some more built-in features. Overall, it's a nice, snappy and responsive WM. Been doing some prep work for my next recording project, which should hopefully materialize in early July. I'm borrowing a nice Peavey midi controller from a buddy of mine...I've interfaced it with pure-data, and it's tremendously helpful! I'm still drooling over the Behringer midi controllers tho. Since I'm on the topic of pd, I guess I should also mention that I put up a quickie little page to share some of the abstractions I built. I've been obsessing over lots of the amazing and great free music available at The netlabels and open source audio stuff is really fascinating to me. Some of it's horrible, much of it is brilliant. I've found a great number of just awesome, drony, electronic/experimental pieces, and I enjoy the occasional field recording. The archive folks are definately worthy of my tax-break-donation this time around. And so I think the site's about due for a redesign. I'd like to simplify things a bit, and perhaps get away from the whole block-block-border-block-rectangle thing. I still like the overall look/feel, but I'm ready for a change. Maybe I'll try it piecemeal, maybe I'll just tackle it all at once.