hourly updates....yeah right.

Sat Jul 03 2004 14:43:54 GMT-0700 (PDT)

So >BLAM<, new layout. Sure, it's not terribly different, just a bit simpler I think. I did like the old design and didn't want to change things too much. Hopefully this new thing reduces the overall boxyness of early times... And then I saw Skinny Puppy a few weeks ago. Great show, but not exactly what I expected. It was a strange night. I couldn't bring my camera in (special request from the band apparently...the Roseland always lets people bring cameras). I met some herion freak ("Yeah, I shoot herion...") and was approached by a hooker. Weird. Last weak was Legendary Pink Dots, and I went with Bill and Kim. LPD put on a great live show! I hadn't been to Berbatis until then, and although I liked the atmosphere (kinda dark and smoky barish setting), the conversational chatter was a bit much. I guess the music could have been louder, or people could have been more into the show. I dunno, I had a good time. It seems that this is THE summer for live music. Even tho it doesn't look like I'll go to Bend to catch Pixies again, I found out that Le Tigre isn't opening for SY this month...but instead, it's WOLF EYES. I'm very very excited about seeing those maniacs. If I wasn't so broke [constantly], I'd get some merch (is it true that they have like 50 albums?)... So I still have to fix the photo's hosed with the new layout. I suppose I'll end up doing some housework too this weekend...even tho I just plain despise it. Update: Ok, the photos page shouldn't be as hosed anymore.